([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] dwbookbingo on January 13th, 2017 at 12:49 pm
Individual Bingo Squares
I've broken up the bingo card into individual squares because like [ profile] stellar_raven, I like to post them up in my journal entry with the book that it satisfies. If anyone would like to do the same, feel free to right click and save them.

over 400 pages a favorite re-read a classic from an ongoing series color in the title

setonorneara holiday amystery onewordtitle tvtiein horriblecoverart

buddy read numberin the title freespace aroamnce female author

fooledby a pretty cover children or ya neverjudge authorfromanothercountry bookrecommendedbya friend

shortstories under200pages audiobook publishedthisyear scififantasy
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