13 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
Bingo Squares Explained  
Over 400 pages long - If using a kindle or other ebook reader it won't always tell you the page count, but goodreads has other editions if you need to verify the length of the book.
A favorite re-read - This is your chance to revisit one of your favorites!
A classic - A novel published in the past that stands the test of time.
From an ongoing/new book series - Have a series you've been enjoying reading? Dying to start a new series? This is the square for that.
Color in the title - The title of the book needs to reference a color. For example, I am reading the Orange Cat by Kelley Armstrong.

Set on or near a holiday - The plot itself doesn't have to revolve fully around the holiday. If a holiday is mentioned, you can use it here.
A mystery - Genre of fiction usually involving a mysterious death or a crime to be solved.
One word title - "The" counts as a word, so think again! ;-)
TV tie-in/turned into a tv show - This would be the place for any novels based on popular tv shows, or those books that have been turned into tv shows (your GoT books, your Shannara Chronicles, your Sookie Stackhouse books, etc.).
Horrible cover art - If you think the cover is ugly, then you've filled this square.

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